How It Started

Jasper started working with dogs when they started dog walking and volunteering at their local dog training club while studying their A-levels. Jasper has been a lifelong animal lover and was inspired to enter the dog training profession when working with their dog, Maya the Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix. This was the beginning of a passion for behaviour science and a drive to help owners communicate effectively and kindly with their dogs to restore harmony.

White Husky dog sniffing trainer Jasper
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They achieved their first dog training qualification in 2016 as well as enrolling in the highly recommended Academy for Dog Trainers certification program. From there, Jasper continued building practical experience and developing their knowledge of animal behaviour and training. Jasper then started taking on training cases, and joined the Puppy Stars: Puppy & Dog Training Academy team in November 2017, offering group classes and one to one training consultations.

Jasper spent a year working as a trainer for the charity Medical Detection Dogs in the Bio Detection department from 2021 to 2022, supporting the fosterers of working Bio Detection dogs with any training and behaviour issues, as well as helping keep the dogs stimulated while standing down from working on projects. While working at Medical Detection Dogs, Jasper continued offering private pet dog training with Puppy Stars Academy.

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Jasper throwing a disc for a jumping Malinois

One of Jasper's specialties is trick training and canine freestyle. Jasper both competes in the sport of Heelwork to Music with their own dogs and participates in demos and displays showing off their dogs’ tricks, dancing routines, agility moves and disc catching skills. Jasper has performed at the NEC National Pet Show and for charity events.