Trick Training

Trick Training For All Abilities

Trick training is an excellent activity for all dogs and owners to take part in. It is fun, mentally stimulating and enriching, and helps to boost your relationship with your dog.

Trick training can be tailored to dogs of all ages and abilities. We offer one to one trick training sessions that cover a wide range of tricks at different levels.

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A person training a Yorkshire Terrier

How Does It Work?

Our one to one trick training sessions are very flexible and can be held in your home, garden, or another location such as a park or private field.

Our trick training sessions are offered at all different levels, so the training can be tailored to your individual dog.

Beginners level sessions are for dogs who are brand new to training and tricks. If you have never done any trick training before, a beginners session gives you a great introduction.

Improvers level sessions are for dogs that have done some basic training and may know a few tricks already.

Advanced level sessions for dogs that have a good repertoire of trained behaviours and are looking for new ways to challenge and progress their skills. These sessions may involve working on complex chains of behaviours, routines and sequences.

When you make your booking, if you aren’t sure what level would be best for your dog, we can discuss this with you.

What Tricks Can I Learn?

You might be wondering what tricks your dog can learn in our trick training sessions. The possibilities are endless, but these are a few popular examples:

  • Roll over
  • Play dead
  • Spin & twist
  • Leg weaves
  • Retrieve an object
  • Walk backwards
  • Sit pretty
  • Limp / hop
  • Targeting
  • Dog parkour
  • Doggy dancing / freestyle
  • Jump over my arms / legs
  • Back stall
  • Rebound / vault
  • … and more!

Why Do We Recommend Trick Training?

Tricks are an excellent foundation for more advanced training such as dog sports or creating routines and sequences. Tricks are also excellent for developing your dog’s body awareness, confidence and engagement with you. Trick training can be tailored to your individual dog’s ability, so it is for everyone!

  • It develops your dog’s body awareness
  • It improves your dog’s confidence
  • It keeps your dog fit
  • It mentally stimulates your dog, giving them a job
  • It boosts the relationship you have with your dog
Brindle and white cardigan Corgi puts paws on a block

Our Price

An initial one to one trick training session costs £60 for one hour. This includes a trick training plan and ongoing support. Subsequent follow-up sessions are charged at £45 for one hour.

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