Online Training

Training From the Comfort of Your Home

Thanks to the technology of video conferencing, we can offer our training and behaviour consultation services to clients from all over the world. Video conferencing is a great way to connect with us for help with your dog. Using platforms such as Zoom or FaceTime, we can deliver our training to you anywhere in the world.

You receive live feedback during the session as well as follow-up notes and a training plan as you would if you trained with us in person.

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Online One to One Dog Training

Online one to one dog training sessions can be helpful for a wide range of training needs. Whether you need help with recall training, loose lead walking or obedience, we can support you.

We also offer our one to one trick training sessions online - learn tricks with your dog over Zoom or FaceTime!

Online Behaviour Consultations

If you have a behaviour problem, we can deliver professional support and guidance to you virtually. Online behaviour consultations can be a good way to work on these issues, as you minimise the stress for your dog of having a stranger coming into your home.

Some clients prefer to have the initial consultation virtually, and then follow-up sessions in person. If you are unsure, please get in touch so that we can discuss the options and find what is best for you and your dog.

Our Price

An initial online one to one training session costs £60 for one hour. This includes a report, training plan and ongoing support. Subsequent follow-up online sessions are charged at £45 for one hour.

An initial online behaviour consultation costs £200 for a two hour session. This includes a report, behaviour modification plan and ongoing support. Subsequent follow-up online sessions are charged at £45 for one hour.

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We offer all our new clients a free 20 minute phone consultation - if you are interested in booking an online training session, you can arrange a free phone call here.

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If you would prefer to go straight to booking the online session, our booking form can be found here for you to complete. Once you have filled out this information, we will be in touch to organise your training session.

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