Assistance Dog Training

Owner-Trained Assistance Dog Services

We offer specialist professional guidance for independent handlers of owner-trained assistance dogs and are able to help support you at all stages of training, including the selection, socialisation, taskwork, public access training and assessment of your owner-trained assistance dog.

We are experts in dog behaviour who have knowledge and experience in working with owners who wish to train their dogs tasks to support, aid and mitigate their medical condition. Our Head Trainer Jasper specialises in training dogs to help with mental health conditions and handlers who are neurodiverse (Psychiatric & Autism Assistance Dogs).

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What Assistance Dog Training Do You Offer?

We can help with any stage of training with your owner-trained assistance dog, including:

  • Finding a breeder/source
  • Selecting your puppy or older dog
  • Socialisation of a young assistance dog prospect
  • Puppy training for assistance dogs
  • Taskwork to aid a range of disabilities and medical conditions
  • Public access training in real-world environments
  • Assessment at multiple stages

What Conditions Can You Train Assistance Dogs For?

We are able to support your dog’s training to enable them to assist you with a wide range of medical conditions. We most commonly help train dogs to perform tasks to support mental health conditions or neurodiverse handlers (Psychiatric & Autism Assistance Dogs) but have also worked with training medical alert tasks.

If you are unsure about whether an owner-trained assistance dog would be helpful to you or whether we would be able to train your dog to support you with your specific health condition or disability, please get in touch and we can discuss suitability and your training options.

What Do You Expect From Your Handlers?

By working with us as an owner-trained assistance dog partnership, you are making the commitment to adhere to the training and handling guidance we set out. We prioritise quality and have high standards, and expect our handlers to meet these by investing time into their dog’s training outside of the sessions.

We expect honesty and transparency from our handlers, and will always advise where we do not think a dog is suitable as an owner-trained assistance dog or working in public access, whether for health, welfare or behavioural reasons.

We expect our handlers to follow the training advice given and commit to using positive reinforcement training methods. We do not condone the use of aversive training tools and techniques.

Our philosophy is that we are here to support you for the entire duration of your dog’s career and training, even after qualification.

Owner-Trained Assistance Dog Scheme

Our mission is to give our clients support so that they can achieve independence by training their own dog to support them with their condition(s). To find out a bit more about the way our owner-trained assistance dog scheme works, and how to achieve endorsement from us as a qualified assistance dog partnership, please have a look at our Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs handbook. This booklet is available for download and covers in more detail the pathway to qualification, the criteria we assess against, and what you need to adhere to as a partnership with our scheme.

We prioritise making our scheme as accessible as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns we recommend reaching out to discuss the options that may be available. In situations where we aren’t able to help, we can refer you to colleagues or direct you to the relevant support.

Our Price

Assistance dog training is offered at our standard one to one training price (£75 for the initial session and £60 per follow-up, each session lasting for an hour).

Due to the nature of owner-trained assistance dog training, it is advised that you book a number of sessions in order to accrue the amount of training necessary in order to train a dog to the required standards.

This is important to make sure your dog can safely work in public access settings. Since our owner-trained assistance dog programme is ongoing, we can offer block session bookings at a discounted rate if booked together.

In addition to training hours accrued with the trainer, we expect handlers to keep a record and diary of the number of hours of training they undertake outside of one to one sessions.

To find out about price options and block booking offers, please get in touch for a personalised quote. We offer discounts for multiple sessions booked together and this is what we recommend for assistance dog training.

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