Walk & Train

Training and Exercise All in One

We offer specialist training walks for dogs. These are great if you need someone to exercise your dog that needs training or behaviour work, or if you have a dog that requires experienced handling. If you need support in walking your dog and want them to learn important skills at the same time, or you want a trainer to carry out some of the process for you, our walk and train services are what you are looking for.

A cream and white Whippet puppy

How Does It Work?

Our qualified trainer will take your dog for a walk and use this opportunity to work on training or behaviour modification. Training goals and a plan will be discussed beforehand, and after each walk and train session the trainer will provide a handover of what was worked on and how you can continue this work with your dog yourself.

It can be helpful having a professional trainer to execute all or part of the training plan, and walk and train sessions are particularly good for issues such as recall, pulling on the lead and reactivity.

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