Meet the Trainer

Jasper Molloy CTC (Hons) ABTC-ATI BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv (He/They pronouns) is the Head Trainer and Behaviour Consultant at ThinkDogs Training & Behaviour. They have been training dogs professionally since 2017 and have worked with a varied mix of different breeds, ages and temperaments. Jasper is passionate about science-based training techniques, positive reinforcement and fun trick training.

Jasper has owned and lived with a myriad of different breeds, including a Scottish Terrier mix, Saint Bernard, Czech Wolfdog, Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian. Jasper currently shares their life with a Siberian Husky mix and a Belgian Malinois, who they enjoy taking for walks and hikes, and training and competing in the sport of heelwork to music.

Outside of dog training, Jasper enjoys drawing and painting and has previously worked as a freelance artist. Jasper also enjoys writing and reading as hobbies. They are proudly queer and neurodivergent.

Jasper Molloy smiling next to a happy sable Malinois
Jasper smiling while looking at a white and grey Husky dog

My Passion

I have gravitated towards animals throughout my life, having grown up with a wide range of pets. I always loved dogs, but my interest in dog training and behaviour really sparked when I got Maya, my Siberian/German Shepherd mix. She was a nervous puppy, and her northern breed heritage presented challenges as she grew older and more independent. Working with her taught me huge amounts about dog training, motivation and helping an anxious dog grow in confidence. I was fascinated by the way that dogs think and learn, and wanted to learn more.

Little did I know that this would lead to becoming qualified as a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers and building a career around my passion. The journey I have been on with Maya pushes me to help owners achieve similar success with their own dogs.

Logan & Maya

Maya is a Siberian Husky cross German Shepherd. I had owned family dogs before, but she was my first dog of my own. She is cheeky, sassy and has a unique personality. She has achieved Trick Dog titles with Do More With Your Dog! and In the Doghouse Dog Training Club. Maya has performed training demonstrations at different events including the National Pet Show at the NEC and has competed in the sport of Heelwork to Music.

Maya has taught me lots about working with independent northern breeds and dogs who are more challenging to motivate. She is a trained stooge dog and helps as a distraction for training sessions or to help anxious and reactive dogs develop their confidence.

Logan is my second dog. He is a Belgian Malinois and is drivey and full of energy, true to his breed. He is busy, active and loves to train. He often features in videos and virtual demonstrations and always tries very hard at what he does.

Like Maya, Logan is trained in Heelwork to Music, but one of his other favourite activities is Disc Dog. He has competed under the UK Disc Dog Association and loves nothing more than to catch a frisbee. He has taught me a lot about providing physical and mental outlets and training for working breed dogs. Logan has featured in two viral TikTok videos demonstrating his tricks.

A Husky and a Malionois sat side by side on a bridge